Director’s Message

The aim and objective of the school is to provide affordable, quality and value based education to children of the middle-income group; to empower them with a quest for knowledge, analytical skills and the spirit of enquiry; to develop qualities of leadership and a mindset to find solutions to their problems. Integrated personality development, by means of a balanced curriculum of studies, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and last, but not least, an awareness of Indian culture and values.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Chapslee School. The School is an exciting and vibrant place for undertaking your studies, with a friendly atmosphere and an open approach to decision making.

Our teaching staff are experts in their respective fields. This means our students can be assured of being taught by teachers who are contributing to the development of new ideas and knowledge.

Underpinning our approach to teaching is a strong commitment to ‘active’ and ‘student centred’ learning. We believe that learning in the school does not come only from receiving information, but also through one’s own enquiries, critical thinking and reflection. We therefore, encourage our students to develop these skills to become independent learners and thinkers, while being guided and supported by their tutors and lecturers. Our teaching methods combine traditional lecturers with workshops, together with one to one tutorials (if necessary).

Our innovative and dedicated approach to teaching means that the student experience is an exciting and challenging one, which provides them with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful and rewarding career.

Our students have gone on to a range of careers in business and private enterprise, the public sector, the armed forces and in voluntary organisations.

I hope you find this booklet a useful introduction to the school. More information with regard to the courses offered by the school may be obtained from the school office.

Mrs. Pronoti Singh