General Rules


  1. Students will not absent themselves without prior sanction of leave. In case of illness, however, the school may please be informed of the reasons for absence immediately, followed by an application, in writing.
  2. The school diary must be brought daily as all important instructions, particularly of the work done in class, as well as homework, is entered in the same. Parents may please check the diaries of their children, daily, to ensure compliance.
  3. Tuition fee and other charges payable to the school must be paid on time, as per directives in the fee book.
  4. Leave may not be taken as a matter of right, but shall be granted solely at the discretion of the school.
  5. Students must attend School ON ALL OCCASSIONS in the APPROVED uniform, including shoes which must be plain black & without any design whatsoever. Infringement of this rule will entail disciplinary measures.
  6. Boys may please note that they must ensure regular haircuts. Long & un-kept hair, or a middle parting, will not be permitted.
  7. It is mandatory for all students to do the following:-
  8. To attend ALL school functions e.g. the Annual Variety Concert, Debates, Workshops, Prize Distribution, Independence Day Flag Hoisting, Athletic Meet etc
  9. To participate in ALL School Activities, Curricular and extra-curricular, including the Annual School Picnic
  10. To represent the school in functions / activities if chosen / selected to do so in any of the aforesaid, whether at Shimla or outside Shimla. It is understood that the school will make proper and necessary arrangements.
  11. To speak only in English, in class or outside to teachers or each other, within the school campus.
  12. To attend ASSEMBLY
  13. To achieve at least 95% attendance at School or marks will be deducted from the annual result assessment.
  14. Parents are requested to attend all parent – teacher meetings, as well as to be present at school on the last day prior to the Monsoon / Autumn / Winter vacations, particularly when the RESULTS are given. Students on these occasions are to be in their school uniform. Siblings / neighbours / relatives will not be entertained.
  15. To be present for monthly/unit tests and other examinations. Absence will result in not only being marked absent, but also being given a zero in that subject.
  16. ABCD
  17. It is obligatory for at least ONE parent of each student to attend ALL Parent – Teacher Meetings, to enable proper and regular interaction.
  18. Students should take care of the school property. Writing on desks, walls of the classrooms, corridors, bathrooms, etc. and / or damage to any part or component of School property or premises, including tube lights and other electrical fittings, by students will be dealt with very severely. Students will not only have to pay for such damage, but may also be charged with theft, or expelled for causing damage to the school property.
  19. Students are not permitted to bring Mobile Phones, I-pods or any other electronic gadgets or equipment to school and if found on any student/s within the school campus  THE SAME  WILL BE CONFISCATED AND WILL NOT BE RETURNED. The said confiscated electronic goods will become the property of the school.
  20. Students involved in physical fights within the school campus, or outside the campus but in school uniform, shall be severely punished, including suspension, irrespective of who may have instigated the fight. Students should report any serious disagreement between themselves that may lead to or entail a physical show of strength and bodily harm to any of the students, to the Principal or any teacher in case the Principal is not available. Students involving the interference of and by relatives and or any other person, who is not enrolled as a student of the school in any matter referred to above, will be considered to be a serious breach of discipline and may lead to the expulsion of the student/s involved.
  21. Chewing of gum in the school is prohibited.
  22. Students should be careful about the usage of language. No slang or bad language is permissible.
  23. Students are not allowed to visit the canteen in between or during classes.
  24. Failure in the observance of the above MANDATORY / OBLIGATORY REGULATIONS will result in the deduction of marks from the end of the year promotion assessment result of the erring students and may also entail expulsion, in cases of gross breach of discipline
  25. Students are instructed to buy their books and stationary from AGGARWAL BOOK DEPOT, Lower Bazar, Shimla, only. All note books / textbooks must be covered in brown paper with the school name and logo, printed on it, to be also purchased from Aggarwal Book Depot.