School Uniform

  1. Only approved Maroon woolen caps, mufflers and gloves, available at M/s. Mother Choice, may be worn at school to guard against extreme cold.
  2. Ribbons should be maroon in colour and not less than ½ metre in length.
  3. Boys must wear black shoes with laces and without heels.
  4. Girls may not colour or streak their hair. Long hair should be tied in two plaits for classes IX & X and a single plait for classes XI & XII.
  5. Boys should have hair-cuts regularly. No beards or usage of hair gel is allowed.
  6. No accessories like friendship bands, nail polish, mehndi, fancy earrings, bracelets or rings are allowed.
  7. Girls are not allowed to wear gloss or kajal.
  8. There will be periodical checking of school socks.
  9. Skirts should be knee length.
  10. Low-waist and narrow bottom trousers are not allowed.